Gaming in Wallonia

The "gaming" potential in French-speaking Belgium is undeniable. With internationally recognized studios whom creativity and craftsmanship is universally acclaimed. Along that, there's plenty of young talents in need of support to launch promising startups. With GameMax, 5 goals ought to be achieved to energize the gaming sector.

Aside from that, our country host several, internationnaly recognized, school dedicated to game developpement alongside private courses and boot camps with transmedia focus. Nevertheless, around 95% of qualified students goes on to work abroad despite a 5 stars education in Belgium.

Mons Area eXtended, gamer's arena, player's Valhalla.

If Wallonia is fertile ground for game dev studios, Mons' extended area has major perks for actual and future businesses thanks to a unique empowerment of the territory.

Gamemax se donne aussi pour mission d’inspirer la communauté avec la curation de contenus mais aussi de la stimuler avec des opportunités de rencontre et de partage.

Autour du label s’articulent partenaires et acteurs du jeu-vidéo en Belgique. Ensemble, ils couvrent les 5 pôles capables de porter le secteur dans notre région.


Support independent studios and help them conceptualize their project for funding, along with ressources to materialize their studio IRL.

  • Ressources for idealization, brainstorming, business plan, prototyping, incubation, funding...
  • Help with business planning with the help of local incubators.

Helping young startup in their post-training lift-off. Provide monitoring and ressources at every step they take.


Unite and animate the gaming community, showcase the sector.

Set up networking and promoting events around gaming.

Provide a solid infrastructure able to support training, worrkshops, incubation modules, start-up boosting, B2C events...


Spot interesting opportunities and build bridges with existing funding structures. Support startups in fund research.

Develop a deep understanding of the belgian tax-shelter principles.


Slow down the brain drain with a safe place for juniors to experiment and build skills.

Prevail a proactive monitoring resulting with sector-relevant workshops.


Provide a designated middle man for international business opportunities.

Give birth to a cross-border incubator - in collaboration with Plaine Image (Tourcoing - FR) - dedicated to video game talents.

Attract gaming heavy hitters with the help of skilled talents, investors and tax-shelter solutions.

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